After The Help :)

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Writing in english, in hope that fewer people reads this. because this is top secret.

I have helped this girl with a couple of things. She told me that she was very pleased, that i would help her.(what Man would not help a pretty, nice girl?)


We have been freinds for a long time. She was just dumped by her boyfreind..
She told me that she likes talking with me, because iam easy to talk with.(the blond pretty girl)

(I am easy to talk with, but if people p..on me, then things change)

we are talking about going out together, to have a fun night in town..not as lovers but as freinds...

Today i asked her wether or not she would be interested, in eating at my place, before we go out into the town.

She said yes, and that we could make french fries, and baked shrimps. and that we should drink red whine...

well I said ok, we are going to do that then....lets hope everything goes as planed.

She has a nice smile. But I think that we are going to be freinds always, but atleast i will try something new..and maybe get drunk for my first time..

I wouldent normaly allow myself to get drunk, as i like having controle over my self. But another part of me is rebelling, over my all too nice and boring self.

A new shadow has entered...

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